A unique experience – energising the body and soul is an experience which cannot be felt physically. I appreciate this effort of introducing salt cave.

Shri Veerendra Heggade

Sri Dharmasthala Temple

Thank you for inviting. Have had a blissful Saturday. Energy works. Thank you once again for giving Himalayan experience at our door step in Mysore.

Mr. Achutha Bachalli

MD, Unilog, Mysore

Very Nice. Mind is calm. Clean and good atmosphere to go deep within oneself. Wishing you all the best. Om.

Swami Sukhabodhananda

Author of "O Mind Relax please"

I experienced meditative state in just a few minutes. Felt wholly relaxed in just a few minutes. The tranquil feeling was very soothing satisfying and pleasing. Would love to spend an hour a day in this place. Mr. Pai has created a unique facility. I am so happy he created this for all of us to experience and advance – mentally, spiritually. This should add years to life and more life to years.

Dr. Avinash Kulkarni

MD, Litex Elecls., Pune

Quite an extraordinary experience – a sudden calming of mind and body, and a vibration that is very special. I can see the potential for this space that is quite unique.

Mr. Aroon Raman

Industrialist and Author

Very Unique experience. Congratulations Mr.Pai. Let your never tiring personality create more interesting things in the future.

Dr. Krishna Talavane

Founder, Indus Valley Ayurvedic Centre, Mysore

Very relaxing experience. The ambience is perfect for meditation. The best concept towards wellness. Congratulations on the endeavor. Many thanks for this experience.

Dr.Poornima K.Murthy, Dr.N.V.Krishnamuthy

Prajna Kuteera, Mysore

Simply Exquisite, Excellent, Rejuvenating, Wellness worthy

Dr. Anil Sangli


It is a wonderful experience. I heartily congratulate Dr.Pai for this innovative idea. The message has to be spread. Mild vedic music or yoga slogans which can vibrate both environment and industry.

Dr. K.S. Nagapathi

It is indeed an experience of a life time. An atmosphere of healing and curing enhancing the meditative status and bringing calmness at the cellular level. Thanks Mr.Pai for bringing the Himalayan experience to Mysore.

Prof. Shivaram Malavalli

First time experience, really excellent set up. I wish this centre must be made available to those who are looking forward to wellness.

Dr. Subramani K.K., Cauvery Kanya Gurukulam

Bommuru Agrahara, Srirangapatna Tlk.

A bright idea by a bright B.R. Pai and Team. Really an excellent way of promoting wellness by simultaneously reducing illness. Thank you for providing this opportunity. Wish all the people get this facility. Kudos to Dr.B.R. Pai once again.

Mr. Sripad Sangli


The ultimate experience of being ‘Here Now’ for 45 minutes whilst being healed from within. Grateful thanks to you Mr.Pai for your interest and pioneering spirit which has made it possible for all of us to enjoy. May your creative spirit know no bounds. Bless yourself !

Mr. Muthanna


Feel like staying in the cave for any length of time. Very calm, felt that I am in a world free from all stresses and problems of life.

Mr. K. R. Jagannathaiah Setty

Saraswathipuram, Mysore-9

The experience was uniquely energising , peace and upliftment of my spirit.

R. C. Sarangi


I am excited about the mind-matching reunion with Sri B.R.Pai. The soothing experience here is elevating spiritually also. I am obliged to carry the light of Sri B.R.Pai further.

Dr. J. N. Bhat


This is an abode in my opinion, Himalayas brought to the door steps of common people by Dr.B.R.Pai. I feel he is modern Bhagiratha, who made it possible to bring the divine flow of Energy essential for any serious seeker as well as a lay man like me. Words fail to express my complete feelings so I am stopping at this point. However much I may say would be incomplete.

Siva Rama Prasad Korlimarla


OM NAMAH SHIVAYA – very innovative and extraordinary venture. Felt blessed inside the salt cave, gives total relaxation without any kind of prior preparation. Totally rejuvenative and regenerative. Best wishes & Regards,

Dr. P.S. Narasimha Swamy

"Siddhe' Physician

Soothing experiences for all our senses. Good relaxation for mind and body.

Dr. S.N.Manjunath

Mysore Medical College, Mysore

A Simple and effective way for relaxation. Innovative technology. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr. B.R.Pai and his team for this venture. Best wishes.

Dr. K. H. Naveen

Mysore Medical College, Mysore

I had been to salt cave at Krokav, Poland and was amazed at this place and learnt what salt treatment could do to the health of the human beings.

Mr. Ganapathy Nagarajan


I must confess with sincerity that my experience was fabulous. I never felt this kind of experience ever before. I felt my whole body feeling something new and energised. Thank you.

Mr. V. Mouli

CII Head, Mysore